Why a Writer with a Growing Audience Opted to Get an ADT Home Security System

I had a Stephen King Moment after I got a measure of fame from writing articles for a huge member’s only website. I wrote training articles for personal security, but we never bothered to install an alarm system at our new place because it was such a quiet neighborhood. I started out with a few readers that grew to about a 100,000 of them every week. Then the company that runs the site wanted me to add a byline and recent photo of myself. It was shortly after that when I ordered the adt home security system.

The articles often raised the ire of one group of readers and elicited praises from the rest. I was attempting to be the voice of reason for the genre. It aggravated a few of the crackpots you have in pretty much any group you can mention. Once they saw my face, that meant any of those who I had aggravated that live in my areas could recognize me. I had one such encounter while out grocery shopping at a big store. A person traveling through from another state recognized me. The conversation was okay, just a bit creepy. He did not like what I wrote, but he read it anyway. Now Stephen King ended up having a “fan” show up right inside his house up in Maine. Not wanting anything like that, I opted for a good ADT home security system.

We decided to go for entire perimeter protection including interior motion detectors and security cameras. Like I said, my encounter with a fan that was not really a fan was nowhere near as bad as what Mr. King and his wife experienced, but it was still weird enough to make me realize that I needed to fully practice what I taught other people to do no matter if I was living in small town America or the big city.

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