The Racing Trend Has Caught on

I remember when my son first started horse racing. All of the other kids made fun of him for it because it wasn’t like the other sports they played. My son didn’t care. He just put on his horse riding clothes and kept going back to the track. While the other kids were laughing, he was getting better with the horse. Once the kids saw what he could actually do, they stopped laughing and suddenly became interested in riding horses too. They thought it was the coolest thing since sliced bread and couldn’t wait to hop on the back of a horse and race around.

The kids didn’t realize how much work went into learning how to ride a horse, much less racing on one. Some of them gave up after only a couple of days with the horse because they thought it was just too hard. They had to learn that not everything would come easy in life, and learning to ride wouldn’t be instantaneous. The ones that stuck with it put in the time and effort and they became better. My son still had an advantage over them because he had been riding his horse longer, so he was a bit more skilled, but the other kids were steadily catching up.

Once the other kids became good enough to race, everyone decided to have a junior exhibition. It was a chance for the kids to test their skills against each other and also to find out just how much more work they needed to do to get to the level of the best riders. My son won the exhibition, but there were a couple of other riders who were close on his tail. They really had a look in their eyes like they were hungry for the win. I hope my son doesn’t become complacent, because they just might surpass him.

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