I Need Quickbooks Customer Support Help at Times

When I started my company, I was the only one collecting a paycheck. That wasn’t even every week either, because there were some paydays where I did not have a single penny to give to myself. My business grew though, and my company’s bank account did as well. Eight years later, I now have 14 employees, and I have never missed a payday for anyone, even myself. I started using Quickbooks, and one of the reasons why I like them so much is because I can call a Quickbooks customer service number no matter the time of day or night, or even if it is a holiday, if I have any questions.

I rarely have questions now, but back when I first started using it, I had plenty. I had never had to handle paying someone else before, which meant a lot of paperwork because taxes and other things are then involved. When it was just me, I did not mind if I made a mistake. I knew that the only person who would suffer from it would be me, and while that was not ideal, it was still only affecting me.

That attitude did not transfer to anyone who works for me though. I never wanted to be the cause of any stress for any of them, especially when it comes to the money that they have earned fair and square. I used to do my payroll at all hours of the day and night, just where ever I could niche out a block of uninterrupted time. I did have a lot of questions for the first quarter where I had to pay someone else other than myself, and it was nice being able to talk with an expert whether it was at noon or two in the morning. I still call the customer support number occasionally, but the program is very simple to use and practically works on its own now.

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