He Needed Personalized Math Attention

Sticky November 17, 2013 David Leave a commentWhen my son started falling behind his other classmates at school, I knew that we had to do something. He is very intelligent, but he could not grasp the math concepts that others found so easily for some reason. I didn’t want this to be a disadvantage for him, so I looked into the intellicat tuition centre. I had heard a lot of good things about it from several friends who have had their own kids there for one reason or another, so I knew that it was a good place for my son to catch up with his math comprehension.

Even though the Centre was highly recommended, I still looked over the website to make sure we were putting him in the right program. I was really happy with everything that I read, especially since I had looked over some other places too. I found out that they fell short of Intellicat Tuition Centre for a number of reasons. What I was most impressed with was the class size. Some of the tuition centres I had looked at had very large class sizes. I had a feeling that was part of the problem at his school.

His teacher had so many students that she was not able to give him the personal attention he needed in his math classes. I wouldn’t be helping him any at all if I placed him in another large classroom where he would not get the one-on-one instruction that he needed. The maximum number of students allowed in one class is only eight children, so I knew that he would have the best of both worlds. He would get the personalized help that he needed while still having the interaction with other students. We found this worked quite well for him, and he has now surpassed many of his former classmates in math.

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