Great Mediation Services in Brisbane

I am going to try to figure out a way to navigate through my impending divorce that does not create too much havoc in my life. I know that it has the potential to get very messy and ugly, and I want to try to avoid that. In particular, I want to try to find a way to avoid actually taking this to court. I am looking into mediation in brisbane for divorce proceedings, because I think that mediation would be much preferred to actually going to court for the issue.

I am not sure that my wife will be so open to mediation, but I am going to try to convince her that it is in both of our best interests. If she wants to take this to court, she might win more of an award of the total property that we own, but at the same time, it is going to cost a lot more to get that property. There will be lawyer bills and legal fees associated with taking this through the legal system that will be far in excess of any potential additional gains made during the splitting up of our property.

I really hope that she will be able to recognize that fact, and to realize that our best solution is to try to do this through mediation. She has never been a very reasonable person though, and I am kind of afraid that she will choose litigation just to spite me. I need to start to get into contact with some sort of mediation service, because maybe they will have some advice for me as to how to convince my wife that this is the best solution for our divorce. I am tired of arguing with her, and I just want all of this to be over with.

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