Getting Ready for My New Job

Of course I am pretty happy to be done with all of the nonsense back at my old job. I was working for a state and local agency that was involved in the sale of alcoholic beverages. Of course here they have a lot of rules as to how you sell alcohol and it is very strict, but there is a lot of room for corruption. If you are looking to get bribed there are plenty of people who can do it. I did not ever get in with any sort of whistle blower lawsuit center or that sort of stuff, but I did get even with the silly woman who pushed me out of there. It was pretty basic stuff, she was having a relationship with one of the members of the board and she got him to push her into the top job. That was really quite easy for her, but it was easy enough to get the proof of what she was doing as well.

Of course I know all of the people who were involved and it took no time at all to get this done. I did it as much for personal amusement as anything. I was ready enough to retire and getting pushed out did not bother me too much of it’s own merits. The way it was done and the reasons why it was done are a different matter entirely. Of course it ruined things for all of the people involved in the business. It used to be that there were quite a few little perks to the job. The sales guys had a lot of little things they could give away and you were allowed to accept stuff of nominal value. The best thing would be VIP passes to concerts and stuff like the rodeo.

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