We Ordered Chair Sashes Online

St. Clare's Catholic Primary SchoolMy daughter got married last year, and it seemed everything that could go wrong did go wrong. The great thing is that by the time she walked down the aisle, everything was fixed, and the wedding was absolutely beautiful. One of the things that caused the most emotions was one of the easiest fixes too. When we went to pay the caterer for the final bill, she showed us the wedding chair sashes that she had ordered for the guest chairs at the reception hall. As soon as my daughter saw them, she burst into tears. It was just the final straw on an already bad week.

The sashes were nice, but they were the wrong color.

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Gifts for the New Mom and Baby

My sister was 35 years old when she got married, and we all just assumed that she and her husband were content with their small family. When she told me last year that she was pregnant, I was shocked but excited at the same time. I had three kids of my own, and I knew from how she was with them that she would be a great mom. I have three girls, so we had to laugh when she gave birth to a boy. I was buying mother and baby products for both of them because of this.

She deserved to be pampered and spoiled a bit, especially considering that her laid back days were probably over for a long while. I also didn’t have very much I could give her as far as hand me downs went for my precious nephew, and I wanted to help her with things that I knew she would need. She took care of furnishing the nursery and getting the basic things like bibs, bottles and diapers, but that still left a lot for me to get.

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